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Billy and Charley by Rafael A Rodes

Between 1857 and 1862, Billy and Charley produced over 5000 counterfeit antiques in their South London workshop, until they were unmasked by Henry Syer Cuming. Many artifacts still figure in museum collections today.

London College Communication MA Animation is pleased to present a screening of 12 new commissioned short animated films made in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and the Cuming Museum . The animators were invited to be inspired by the objects from the collection of the museum thus bringing to life their own response through the art of animation.

Billy and Charley:

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Richard House (as Billy)
Ed Perryer (as Charley)

Sound Design:
Guilherme Saldanha

Original Soundtrack:
Nico Paoliello

Written, Directed and Edited by:
Rafael Aflalo

A special Thanks to:
Judy Aitken/Southwark Council
Xristos Stetsios/UAL
Kim Noce

Rafael is a Brazilian Graphic Designer whose work always found resonance with audiovisuals. His work in animation includes a series of music videos, along with commissioned branded content.
He continues to pursuit forms of embedding graphic design’s synthetic power into animation.

Billy and Charley

Billy! Billy!
Come Here!
I’m just adding the finishing touches!
What do you think?

Oh Charley, What a beauty it is!
I’t certainly your masterpiece!

Oh, do you reckon?
I mean, I’ve got its bits and pieces from those journals over there.
The body came from that figure, but the head was too complicated,
so I did it just like the other one.
I’m not sure about that hat though.

Don’t worry!
That Coming fellow would never notice the difference!
You should have seen him asking about the inscription on that medal.
When I told him it was Latin, all he did was nod!

Gonna tell you something Charley,
Them pieces are so beautiful, they belong in a museum!