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A Brief overview of Sue O’ Sullivan in the format of an album, to represent the books in the Feminist Library; which she is apart.

Director: Latreya Nelson
Animator: Latreya Nelson
Sound: Samuel Joseph Lyon
Music: Samuel Joseph Lyon
Full credit List (Latreya Nelson, Samuel Joseph Lyon, thanks to Kim Noce, Lizzy Hobbs, the volunteers of the Feminist Library and my mother Yvonne Nelson, & LCC Logo)

Director statement max 250 words: (In creating a project for the Feminist Library, the task was to create a short film about one of the participating activists at the library. I decide to create my film on Sue O’ Sullivan, mostly for the fact that she was an important advocate for HIV and AIDs. Finding out that she is an autonomous women’s liberation movement and having 3 sons, was interesting and wanted to include this in the project, the task was to create the film without the use of sound, solely relying on the visual to convey the person’s journey throughout the film. I wanted to keep the style simplistic but bold, giving the film a silent film overlay in relation quiet of the piece and quite a bit going on, in such a short amount of time. The important thing was show that there are still people fighting for the acknowledgement of HIV and AIDs and due that being connected to my personal life, so closely, if felt I had to pay homage to that. Taking factors today, that people class a taboo and including them in my film, makes me feel I’m doing my part.

Contact details
Name: Latreya
Surname: Nelson
Email: latreyanelson@gmail.com
Website: latreyanelson.wixsite.com/latreyanelson
Telephone number: 07506580667

Social media
Website: latreyanelson.wixsite.com/latreyanelson
Tumblr: treyanelson
Instagram: treyanelson
Facebook: treyanelson

Technical info
Length: 00:01:07:09
Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9

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