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Astra Blaug by Qing Wang

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Title: For Yourself

Vimeo Link: vimeo.com/310220818

Trailer vimeo Link vimeo.com/user90111412/review/310220818/99130213da

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Synopsis (25 words): Something she fight, something she record, something she contribute, something she did.

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Director: Qing Wang
Animator: Qing Wang
Sound: Qing Wang
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This project is narrative film, describing a person about: “43 years of feminist archiving and activism, and counting”. The style of this film, what I did was to make it look very old, like a memory. Because the person I chose is dead. Red waves swept over her like a revolution. Then she began to record this revolution, she is a photographer, so I made a photo sound inside, and she also involves this “war” for women. She is a poet as well, she donated her all work to feminist library when she gone, the end I used morphing from her to library, like she still lived around feminist library in another way.

Contact details
Name Qing
Surname Wang
Email wq569655285@gmail.com
Telephone number: 7518-896936

Social media
Instagram: piepiebeauty

Technical info
Length : 48 sec
Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo

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