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Title: Feed Your Imagination

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Password: feedyourimagination

Synopsis (25 words):
The animated film is created based on the story of the Nigerian female publisher Bibi Bakare-Yusuf and her contributions to the Nigerian publishing community.

Twitter Blurb (100 characters):
Experience the short animation “Feed Your Imagination” to explore the story of Bibi Bakare-Yusuf.

Facebook blurb (50 words):
Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, a Nigerian female publisher who aims to flourish the Nigerian culture and creativity by contributing to the Nigerian publishing community. Her plan of setting up Cassava Republic Press is to feed the Nigerian immagination and encourage Nigerians to create. Experience the short animated film to explore her story.

Director: Jimmy Man Suo Zhang
Animator: Jimmy Man Suo Zhang
Sound: Jimmy Man Suo Zhang
Music: Jimmy Man Suo Zhang

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Biography (50 words):
Jimmy Man Suo Zhang, an enthusiastic designer from Canada who graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design in the year of 2017 and is currently doing his Master in Animation at London College of Communication, UAL, in London. Jimmy’s last working experience was working as a Graphic Designer for fashion brand HUGO BOSS in their Global Headquarter in Germany. During his stay at the company, he was responsible for creating short animations and gifs for different fashion topics for the company.

Director statement (max 250 words):
Feed Your Imagination is an short animation film created based on Bibi Bakare-Yusuf’s experience as a Nigerian publisher who strives to free Nigerian people’s imagination through publishing. According to Bakare-Yusuf, the main purpose of starting up a publishing business is to make books and publications more accessible to Nigerian people in order to inspire their imaginations and motivate them to create. Technically, the animation is hand-drawn frame by frame digitally on iPad which comes out in a graphic black-and-white silhouette style with a sense of surrealism in its composition. Besides visuals, the music of the film is also composed digitally with a playful and bouncing mood by using multiple musical instruments in order to match the theme and visual style of the animation.

The key inspiration behind the film comes from the word “imagination” which defines the style of the animation to be abstract and surrealistic as opposed to something literal and realistic. Instead of establishing a tangible storyline of Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, the concept of the animation actually focuses on demonstrating what imagination and knowledge could bring to Nigerians, how it can influence Nigerians and what differences it can make or contribute to Nigerians.

Creating the animation, I strive to convey what “imagination” really means to Nigeria and Nigerians in a creative way. Most importantly, unlike a usual storytelling format, I tend to communicate the message through different visual metaphors and various transformations in order to make the animation more engaging and fun

Contact details:
Name: Jimmy Man Suo
Surname: Zhang
Email: hi@jimmyreckless.com
Website: jimmyreckless.com
Telephone number: +44 7935 596774

Social media:
Website: jimmyreckless.com
Blog: jimmyreckless.com
Instagram: @jimmyreckless

Technical info
Length: 1 min 38 seconds
Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo

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