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Ariadne Van De Ven- Moments From Ariadne's Life By Ranad Dawood

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Title: Moments from Ariadne’s life.

Vimeo Link: vimeo.com/310308387

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Synopsis (25 words): Moments from Ariadne’s life.
Twitter Blurb (100 characters): Moments from Ariadne’s life
Facebook blurb (50 words): Moments from Ariadne’s life

Director: Ranad Dawood
Animator: Ranad Dawood
Sound: No sound
Music: No music
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Hello, I’m Ranad Dawood, I’m a motion graphics designer who’s full of life, most of the time. My personality is reflected in what I do, and that is why I love to animate, so I can give life to my designs. Music and places inspires me the most, and I believe our lives is a movie, and we are the directors, so we better make a great one!

Director statement
The person I chose to create the short film about is Ariadne Van De Ven. She is a publicist and a photographer, who were involved in plenty of events supporting women worldwide. The idea behind my film is to create 3 different worlds that highlights the main events from Ariadne’s life. Photography was the first event were she took photographs of the street life in Kolkata, India. Secondly, the women in publishing committee that she co-funded with her friend. Lastly, she volunteered with the “women for refugee women” organization to help empower and influence women from all around the world. I wanted the film to relate with the archives of the feminist library. So the main concept behind the film is animating collage photographs and and cut-outs images, alongside with 2D effects. However, This is the first time for me to experiment with animating collage. It is tricky, yet fascinating how old photographs can come to life by animation. It is like retelling a story from the past, that is why I had to make sure every composition is understandable to the viewer in a very comprehensive way, without misleading to another idea about the person I am representing. Moreover, each world has its own elements, style, and theme that represent each event of her life clearly, and what’s important is to be able to send the right message to the people, especially if you are demonstrating someone who made a different in world, such as, Ariadne Van De Ven.

Contact details
Name: Ranad
Surname: Dawood
Email: ranad.daw@gmail.com
Website: No website
Telephone number: 07904394125

Social media
Website: No website
Blog: No Blog
Twitter: @ranaddaw Tumblr: ranadaw
Instagram: @Dawzi.art
Facebook: Ranad Dawood

Technical info
Length: 54 seconds
Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo

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