SPEED Race Hub: Show graphics package

Fox Sports' SPEED Network had so much success with its flagship show, "Race Hub", they felt the need to kick the show's branding into a higher gear. Leviathan was presented with the opportunity to create a new show package for the program, demonstrating how racing's epicenter, Charlotte, NC, is truly the hub of all things NASCAR...but with the challenge of NOT showing a single race car. Eschewing the usual macho stereotypes and instead taking a more sophisticated, futuristic approach, Leviathan explored both the micro and macro perspective of racing, from hyper-detailed engine parts up to a birds-eye satellite view. SPEED ultimately decided on the latter concept, though multiple visual stages are included here for your viewing pleasure.

Client: SPEED
Concept design and animation: Leviathan
Direction, lead 3d, design, compositing, edit: Sam Gierasimczuk
Lead compositing, 2D animation: Tim Sepulveda
Additional 3D: Jody Evenson, Bradon Webb, Andres Weber
Additional 2D: Eric Miro
Boards: Sam Gierasimczuk, Jason White, Bradon Webb, David Brodeur, Aaron Edwards
Executive producer: Chad Hutson