Dirty Deeds "Break"

Promo Video for the upcoming Dirty Deeds EP "Let's Be Friends" (C4 ENT)

Director: Charles Wahl
DOP: Pasha Patriki
Editor: Skinner
Color: Wade Odlum
Music composed and produced by C4 ( Didier Tovel)
Mixed at Apollo Studios
Sound Design - C4 and special thanks to Brad Nelson, Harry Knazan
Production Design: Megan Wahl
Styling: JoJo - Lady of Mayhem
Make-up: Ashley Rocha
Performer: Alexandra Crenian
Prod Co: The Corner Store
Would like to give a big special thanks to Victor and Rene Corga, The Corner Store, Philip Kates, Clairmont Camera, Simon Dragland, Muzafar Malik, Mike Rilestone, Kar Wai Ng, and everybody else that helped out on this.