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Changed Lives @ LVBC

These videos are stories of people who have had their lives saved by Jesus Christ

Adam Meadowcroft

I grew up in a “Christian” environment, but from a very early age I had little to no desire to understand or comply with what I was being taught. By the time I became a teenager, I had grown skeptical of anything to do with church or God. I saw Christians as hypocritical and insincere. Through most of my teenage years I lived to serve myself and only gave my attention to things that I deemed important. I started to adopt a self-sufficient philosophy. In my pride, I thought that people who needed God and religion were weak-minded and only used religion to make themselves feel better about what would happen to them after they died. As I began to approach my teenage years, I started to question: Who is God? Is there even a God? If there is a God, then what (if anything) does He want from me?....Read More

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