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Changed Lives @ LVBC

These videos are stories of people who have had their lives saved by Jesus Christ

Michael Wolf- Me, Myself, and I

My story begins when I was just a small boy. I grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, where my parents took us to a strong church. They taught me the Bible from an early age and made sure I was living according to God’s Word. I was taught how I could be 100% sure I was forgiven of my sins and headed to Heaven. Several times as a child, I remember thinking: “I don’t want to go to Hell! I’ll pray to God and ask him to save me.” I thought that because I had recited this prayer to God, He would look favorably on me. I assured myself I was safe. If I died, I assumed I would most likely go to Heaven. However, I was gravely mistaken; I had no idea what it meant to be saved.....Read More

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