Lung Cancer Living Room™

The Cancer Journey Roadmap - Donell Hill - July 16, 2013

Cancer coach Donell Hill shares his journey of caring for his mother with lung cancer, and how he found that the "Cancer Journey Roadmap", based off of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", helped him to acknowledge and honor the complex and varied range of emotions that he encountered along the way. Guests at the Living Room then discuss where they are on the Roadmap and the challenges they're facing in their journeys. Particular attention is given to the role and journey of caregivers and family members of those battling lung cancer. Ultimately, the group is encouraged not to repress difficult feelings, but to allow themselves to have bad days and to feel vulnerable or angry, knowing that this is a dynamic, constantly changing journey with plenty of ups and downs. Bonnie encourages the group to try and have a good sense of humor, and to appreciate every day and live life to the fullest regardless of the cancer.