collage cinema

Novelling Cycle 1

Novelling depicts and enacts the liminality of reading and authoring fiction. The work is a recombinant and generative system that algorithmically orders and arranges fragments of video, text and sound in 6-minute cycles. Every 30 seconds the interface changes, but the user may also click the screen at any time to produce a change. This video is one cycle captured from an HTML5 page that runs cycle after cycle.

Readerly and cinematic, the work unfolds without a strongly delineated plot or narrative structure and yet is suggestive of "novelistic" spaces. These are liminal spaces of interior reflection and exterior gestures, intimacy and estrangement, reading and writing, looking and being looked at. The variable and deterministic system of selection and arrangement produces a fluid, ever-novel and potential narrative; a virtual space of co-mingling subjects and settings.

video, design and coding by Will Luers
text by Hazel Smith
sound by Roger Dean
created in June, 2016



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