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Daily Does It

If you have been using this link for your 7 day Free Trial of DDI with Mithila, then there is great news. The Free Trial is now for the whole of Module 1 which gives you access to 2 extra review talks and gives you a feeling of what it is like to practice DDI over 21 days of flowing from day to day. Here you still have a few of the free days of practice to get a feeling for the program, and you are welcome to sign up using the link to access Module 1 of 18.

To access your 21 day program please sign up using this link.

21 days
15 minutes per day

Daily presence practices
with myself, Mithila Kara, as your guide.

DDI Free Trial Day 1

Viewing instructions: The audio guides the movements you see. Sometimes I show more alternatives on the video than I say in the audio. This is to give you options to test until you find what works best for you.

For the most part you are encouraged to go inwards to pay attention to what is happening with you as you follow the instructions and the video is always there in case you need it for support.

Make sure your screen saver doesn't interrupt your 15 minutes so you can see the screen without having to reactivate it.

Set a gentle sound level for a relaxing experience and ideally use the loudspeaker instead of a headset when possible.

Welcome to the Daily Does It - Daily Practice Program. You can access your 7 day free trial here starting with Day 1.

For more information about this program go to or visit the portfolio
Daily Does It here on Vimeo.

How to prepare for practice 

Set aside 15 minutes per day

- ideally in solitude and relative silence -

You need a chair

- ideally someplace relatively warm and clean where you can practice undisturbed -

If the above ideal situations do not happen - practice anyway.

Come as you are

- however if you have a tight belt or tie on then loosen up for these 15 minutes, and take of your shoes -

You can use gentle background music to accompany the practice if you prefer 

- find out what you like by practicing with and without music -

Do the practice of the day online with me starting with Day 1.

The next day, start again with Day 2 and so on.

Day 7

There is no video on Day 7.

Only a review video.

Day 7 is an opportunity for you to grow your independence in your daily. 

Set aside the time and space for 15 minutes practice.

Show up and practice whatever you remember from the days before. 

If this feels too challenging simply repeat ANY of the previous 6 days of video as your 7th day of practice.

Then watch the review video. 


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