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We produce advertisements, feature films, and audio-visual media of highest standards,
adaptable for any given way of distribution.

We offers tailor made communication solutions for cases and causes.

We combine the entire spectrum of creative media production under one roof:
from concept, design, shooting and animation, visual effects, editing and finishing to film production.

Therefore we provide a unique in-house workflow, from first ideas to the final product.

Lopta Film has also successfully expanded its expertise in presenting energy issues,
such as energy storage and off-shore windparks.

Demonstration Site by Beneens - Case Study 6

Horizon2020 - STORY
Produced by Lopta Film GmbH

Demonstration of multi energy grid in industrial area
Olen, Belgium

Beneens is situated in a small industrial site. We heat our office, workshop and painting room with waste wood.

As our company needed to invest in new office space we also needed to invest in a new wood fired boiler. Our old boiler had a number of technical problems.

During the research for a new wood fired boiler, in collaboration with VITO, the idea came to provide the new SME-zone with heath delivered by a district heating network.