Lee Bamsey

Emporio Armani SS14

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Art Partner commissioned Loco to edit, grade and create the VFX for this year’s Emporio Armani Spring Summer collection filmed by renowned photographer/Director Alasdair McLellan and DOP Alexander Dynan. Shot in conjunction with the print and online campaign, they captured the six models laughing, dancing and joking around. Their fun, quirky moves give a natural feel to the piece, and the music of Human League's “Love Action” helps create a vintage 80's vibe.

Loco’s Lee Bamsey scrutinised the rushes, shot on the Arri Alexa, to pick out the best examples of each of the models dancing. He assembled the material in a few different styles, and Armani selected the two, which he would shape into the final film. Senior colourists Martin Southworth, Dado Valentic provided the rich, vibrant colour grade. Loco’s VFX team also provided beauty and retouching work to remove distracting creases from the clothing.

You can view the SS14 collection on the Armani website. armani.com/gb/emporioarmani

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Photographer/Director: Alasdair McLellan
DOP: Alexander Dynan
Prod company: Artolica
Edit/ VFX: Lee Bamsey, Jon Davey
Post Production Exec Producer: Chris McKeeman
Colour Grade: Martin Southworth, Dado Valentic

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