Tropicana Zipper - Times Square NYC -B

Loco’s ongoing work with DDB / Tropicana over the past year has included several CGI commercials which have been airing coast to coast in the USA. This week, Loco’s CGI oranges appear as super-sized, bouncing along a building facia in Times Square in New York City, before jumping into their familiar Tropicana carton.

The recently launched digital signage platform spans around 6,000 square feet of the Port Authority’s façades on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, with an additional 25,000 square feet of architectural lighting which is colour-coordinated with its visual messaging. Creating an adapted version of the Tropicana Zipper ad, Loco was able to deliver a new master at the unusual 1216 x 214 format. Loco’s CGI orchard environment and eye-catching oranges took on a dazzling appearance utilising A2A Media’s Red Dot Design Awarded Mediamesh® technology.