If you would like information about these showreels or would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Dan, Jen or Saša at or call us on +44 20 7304 4403.

Loco provides state of the art grading, in a large and comfortable suite with broadcast calibrated monitoring for the ultimate viewing experience. Linked to our large 4GB fibre-connected SAN for fast interaction between VFX, 3D, edit, and grade, the space is a hub for real-time colour grading and mastering of commercials, documentaries, promos, feature films, and shorts.

Our colourists are highly regarded within the field for their expertise, artistic flair, and creativity. But it’s not all about our finishing, clients find it invaluable to discuss treatments in the early pre-production stages to ensure we can get the very best out every shoot and format.

With services that also include on-set data management and digital dailies, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of camera formats to assist with data wrangling and creating a variety of deliverables from HD to 2K, 4K, 3D, and Digital Cinema outputs.

Dado - Colourist Showreel

If you would like information about this showreel or would like to discuss a script or treatment, please email Dan, Jen or Sasa at or call us on +44 20 7304 4403.

Dado is an award-winning colourist with over 16 years of industry experience, Credited for several developments in field of RAW camera processing and stereoscopic 3D post-production, Dado is at the very forefront of colour grading technology, continually pushing the boundaries and bringing innovations within his field.

Working on some of the biggest feature films and commercials across the world, he is one of the most sought-after colourists around. Dado's specialty is the work with cameras like RED, Phantom HD and Arri D21 which has brought him commissions for commercials and promos shot digitally for clients like Discovery HD, Kylie Minogue, Kenwood, Nestle, Orange, and promos for Sky and Channel 4.