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More Protection is on the Way for Homeowners Who Are Victims of Mortgage Rescue Fraud 2021 - Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE - Homeowners insurance fraud is a serious offense that is responsible for the increasing rates that many homeowners face when they apply for coverage especially in Norwalk, CA says, Local Records Office. Individuals who commit homeowners insurance fraud are making an effort to make money off of their provider, and are doing so by illegal means.

The company "Local Records Office" Helps Pennsylvania Homeowners Who Have Been Victims of Deed Scams and Fraud

Many of the scams commonly employed today evolve around insurance, be it automobile or medical-related. "One variation of this crime that has recently received more attention is homeowners' insurance fraud," says, Local Records Office. This occurs whenever an individual intentionally submits a false claim or fabricates a loss under an insurance policy that is for more than the actual loss endured.

By law, using false, misleading or incomplete information to support such a claim constitutes a fraud. Some examples include submitting fraudulent receipts, home improvement estimates, legal depositions, and even photos. Additionally, helping another individual produce or prepare staged documentation to support a false claim makes you guilty of homeowners' insurance fraud. Whether the insurance company pays the claim or not, this is a crime and you may be prosecuted to the full extent for your role.

The company "Local Records Office" says, "This offense causes trouble not only for the individual who commits the fraud but also for the providers and all other who want to purchase homeowners insurance". Thanks to the actions of those who commit homeowners' insurance fraud, others have to pay for it.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a Homeowners Scam Playground Says, the Company "Local Records Office"

There are many variations of a foreclosure rescue scheme. Some schemes require the homeowner to unknowingly transfer the property title to a third party. "Other schemes will promise homeowners that if they transfer the title, they can continue to rent the home and repurchase it at a future date," says, Local Records Office.

The purchaser of the property, sometimes the foreclosure rescue artist, is now free to refinance the property or to sell the property to another party. Sometimes the foreclosure “rescuer” charges the borrower high 'service fees' upfront and then disappears with the money without providing the promised service.

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