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Easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Garage Storage and Organization Ideas for Beginners

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE: These are the best DIY clever garage and home storage organization ideas that will help you get all the unused junk out of the way and into a storage bin while saving you money. These clever storage hacks help you put away all the things you aren't using while keeping safe.

DIY projects like these are affordable and are for all ages. Most of these products could be found in your local dollar store, home depot and even the nearest hardware store. This video is intended to waste as little money as possible while putting all your possessions in a safe area.

One misconception that people often fall prey to when decorating tiny apartments is that all the focus should be on functionality rather than design. That sentiment could not be further from the truth. Your apartment may be short on space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style.

If you have a particular interest or hobby, don’t be afraid to let those play a key role in separating the space while showing who you are. An indoor bike rack like this one by Thomas Walde leaves your bike looking like it’s an internal part of the room rather than just being stored. Or, you could use plants from an indoor garden to signify changes in the use of space.

Stylish storage is all about consistency. A bunch of mismatched boxes, bins, and containers scream “hodge-podge lodge.” Streamline and stylize even your most mundane necessities. Alternatively, curate a collection of rustic woven baskets throughout your apartment to hold linens, throws, magazines, mail, paperwork, pet toys, etc.

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