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Beware of Hidden Charges When Buying Your First Home - Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – First-time homebuyers in Bellflower, CA sometimes think that the only things they will be paying are the mortgage, down payment and property tax, however, this is not the case. There are a lot of hidden costs along the way that you should be aware of. The pros at the company “Local Records Office” explain how hidden charges could come at the worst times. There have been reports of people receiving an invoice in the mail the resembles sent from the Local Records Office, this is actually not a bill but a service that is offered to new and first-time homeowners. The service should not be taken as a bill.

Local Records Office helps renters who want to become first-time homeowners take the steps necessary to find the perfect home sweet home. Renters across the country want to see what their options are when applying for a mortgage while still paying rent and being on a budget.
New homeowners have many expenses that are not listed on the contracts.

Real estate is complicated as it is and the last thing new homebuyers need is an unexpected bill waiting for them in the mail. The other thing homebuyers need to beware of is property fraud and deed fraud.

New homebuyers are easy targets when it comes to these scams as shown in many reports from 2016.

If you need assistance with real estate and other first-time homebuyer’s questions contact the Local Records Office at

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