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Local Records Office

Homeowners Are Questioning Their Homes Worth After Receiving a Letter From the Local Records Office in Norwalk, CA

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE: So, you're thinking about pursuing a career in Real Estate? You've heard a lot about the flexible schedule, being your own boss and the major commissions say, Local Records Office.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, there is a lot to real estate that you must understand before you jump into a career. You may hate your current job or be interested in starting a new chapter in your life, but are you sure it's the real estate industry and not just the luring promises of wealth and flexibility?

Because I can tell you right now, the flexible schedule means you will make yourself available 24/7, being your own boss can mean the constant stress of hitting your sales goals and as far as the commission goes, I shouldn't even need to mention that the Real Estate market is not in its healthiest state.

Local Records Office: To Be a Semi- Successful Real Estate Agent You Need To Be Available 24/7

You have to think of being a Real Estate Agent as owning your own business. You will hear a lot of agents talk about their "business" and it really is the best way to think of it when you're starting out.

You are an independent contractor, so you will have to take on managing your own taxes. If you're smart, you should keep receipts for your travel expenses, advertising, and education from the very beginning because these are tax-deductible.

You may have to hire an accountant or do some research, but this is your hard-earned money and the government wants to encourage small business ownership with these deductions, so take advantage of this as soon as possible.

Local Records Office: You Need To Go Out and Find Brokers, In Other Words, Go Find Brokers You Will Be Giving Your Business To

In order to sell real estate you must be listed with a broker says, Local Records Office. You can go with a large brand name, which usually has some great tools for new agents, or you can go with a smaller, boutique broker.

My best advice if you're serious about getting into real estate would be to set up a couple informational interviews with different brokers. Let them know ahead of time that you're considering getting your license, so there are no expectations and they don't feel like you've wasted their time.

What you need to understand with brokers is that THEY WANT YOU. You may feel like you're being interviewed but just think about what you're interviewing for; they don't spend any money by listing you, they may offer different tools or a great commission split but they do get a portion of your commissions.

Listing you makes them money, so be very careful in choosing your broker and make sure you have a list of questions that they can answer to help you decide.

Real estate can be very rewarding, both professionally and financially, for the right people. You might need to make sacrifices in the beginning but this is a career, not a fly-by-night venture.

You now own your own business and your success is completely in your own hands. One of my favorite quotes is that "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."

This is your business, you have to put your time into it and earn each client’s respect and eventually, you will have a very successful career in real estate.

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