Taking Stock in Your Life and Finances

With Tom Cook
The intention of this course is to introduce new-found confidence and understanding of the markets and how they may affect individuals in their financial growth and retirement. The course will teach students how to remove the media noise and biased opinions from the news heard and seen daily. Students will learn to make financial decisions with clearer minds, based on probabilities of success and reduced risk.
Students will learn to trade the stock market from very basic concepts to more advanced trading strategies. Students will also learn how to build strong lists of stock and mutual funds. Prerequisites: Computer available for viewing classes, in the comfort of the student home, if desired. Each student once registered for class by Joblink, shall submit their emails to tomcook1124@gmail.com, in order to be admitted into each live class session.

HINT FOR VIEWING CLASSES: Classes are presented in the order they were recorded from left to right on your screen. To follow the class in sequence, watch the videos from left to right. The last three weeks of a class are always available for viewing. (There may be multiple videos for each class week.) Each video is labelled with the class recording date and class sequence number. Enjoy your class.



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