IT Fundamentals

With Bill Needles
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1st TIME at JobLink. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge about personal computers, completing the CompTIA® IT Fundamentals™ course is the first step. In this course, you will identify PC components, work with files and folders, and conduct basic software installations. This course will provide you with the skills required to maintain, support, and work efficiently with personal computers. In addition, you will acquire the essential skills and information you need to set up, configure, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance of the hardware and software components of a basic PC or. You will also implement basic security measures. A great class for all computer users. NOTE: An exam is available for a lifetime certification through CompTIA.

HINT FOR VIEWING CLASSES: Classes are presented in the order they were recorded from left to right on your screen. To follow the class in sequence, watch the videos from left to right. The last three weeks of a class are always available for viewing. (There may be multiple videos for each class week.) Each video is labelled with the class recording date. Enjoy your class.