A+ Certification 2020

With Bill Needles. Bill is a former steelworker who went on to obtain an Electrical Engineering degree and is the holder of 3 US Patents in computer circuit design. As Chief Quality Officer for Western Digital Bill led the global Customer quality effort and the worldwide Information Technology group.

CompTIA A+ is the most recognized and trusted certification for entry-level computer service technicians. From installation to networking, customers and employers know CompTIA A+ certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the job. Bill is a CompTIA Subject Matter Expert. - Click the email icon to contact Bill. COPYRIGHT (C) 2020 PC-Plus!, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

HINT FOR VIEWING CLASSES: Classes are presented in the order they were recorded from left to right on your screen. To follow the class in sequence, watch the videos from left to right. The last three weeks of a class are always available for viewing. (There may be multiple videos for each class week.) Each video is labelled with the class recording date and class sequence number. Enjoy your class.



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