Ted Liedle

Here are some samples of productions by Ted Liedle.
The first three were produced by Liedle as Owner of Liedle Films in middle Georgia, USA.
The fourth film was produced by Liedle while in charge of Joint Combat Camera in Bosnia.
The fifth film was produced by Montana State Univ. Film School, Liedle was Technical Director.

St. Innocent Orthodox Church, Macon, Georgia, USA

Filmed, edited, produced and directed, by Ted Liedle. Production assistance provided by Eric Olson, George Cordreanu, Diane Dorogy, and of course the Rector, Fr. Theophan, whose typical response to my many requests was, 'whatever you need.'

Grateful appreciation is extended to the following, listed in order of initial appearance:
Susan Kehayes
George Cordreanu
Colin and Molly Croft
Diane Dorogy
John Hintermaier
Mark Dorogy
Jacob Hintermaier
Fr. Theophan
Michael Muth

This has been one of the most interesting and fun projects I have done in over 40 years of production. I have grown to love these people. Prior to my experience with this Orthodox community I had some previous glimpses. I led a film team into Eastern Slovenia in 96 and we filmed a procession through a Balkan village to the local Orthodox church--very lovely and impressive. In 2011 I was embedded as press in Afghanistan where I met a US Army Reserve Chaplain setting up for an Orthodox service in a chapel at Bagram Airfield. I found him kind and articulate about Orthodoxy, and noted the lack of polemics in our discussion. My many conversations with Fr. Theophan at St. Innocent were also void of polemics, and very interesting.

I filmed mostly using a Sony NEX VG20 large chip camera with an f 3.4-5.6 18-200mm lens. Slo-Mo of the censer was shot with a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 at 120 fps. The Lumix has an f 2.8 25-600mm lens.

I used a CamCrane jib with remote Pan Tilt Vista Head for some shooting. Sticks for some. High Hat for some. No handheld. Natural light except for a few interviews. All interviews were extempore, no scripting.

Grateful appreciation to the church members who assisted both with the production and as interviewees.

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