You Can Change a Life!

As the cost of a 4-year college degree continues to skyrocket past $150,000 in many schools throughout the U.S., financial illiteracy when making complex college decisions is crippling the finances of students ... and their parents!

That’s why students, parents, and high schools are so excited about LFE’s ‘Sponsorship Initiative’ to make its new 'Pre-College Action Plan' educational Toolkit available to those who are making critical college decisions this fall.

A limited number of Sponsorships are available in each area. You’ll not only help provide much-needed education, but you will also enhance your exposure to new business, and generate news-worthy market visibility. Plus, whether you are a CPA, financial professional, a banker, a philanthropist, an employer, or a business leader, you’ll receive a personal sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve helped to change the financial lives of families for decades.

This video highlights the challenges and financial traps families are facing right now, so timing is critical. Students are making life-changing college decisions today ... and many will be irreversible, or once made, very costly to change.

We look forward to working with Sponsors who are committed to changing the financial lives of thousands of families in communities throughout the U.S.

LFE Institute, LLC