On-demand Post-COVID College Planning System

The CAP System

LFE's new 2021 CAP System is the 1st digital education that focuses exclusively the key questions every student and parent need to ask to ensure that every dollar spent on college is invested wisely.

The CAP System Guides Students & Parents through:

- Their Top Priority: A great job offer upon graduation!
- Pitfalls that add thousands to college costs
- COVID-19: Changes every student needs to know!
- ‘Big Red Flags’ for parents
- Questions most students -- and parents - never ask
- How many colleges set students up to fail
- Instant access to 60+ sites to help make smarter academic decisions
- How to prevent overwhelming student loan debt
- Traps many lenders never reveal
- And so much more!

Don't spend a dime on college - or co-sign a loan - until you see a completed CAP (College Action Plan).