Parmigiani - Tonda Chronor

The house of Parmigiani has entrusted us with the making of their new film.
The scene unfolds with Michel Parmigiani at his drawing board designing the watch which he has imagined for the last 20 years...

Production : le truc,
Direction : Fabrice Rabhi,
Script : Fabrice Rabhi,
Story-board : Romain Delaunay,
Layout : Thomas Moine, Fabrice Rabhi,

Live Shot
Cast : Michel Parmigiani,
Line Producer : Laura Stucki,
Director of Photography : Julien Bourdeille,
First Camera Assistant : Rhony Sustriesno,
Production Designer : Georges Ayusawa,
Set Location Manager : Kevin Chatelain,
Key Gaffer : Samy Emery,
Hair & Make-up : Martine Felber,
Still Photographer : Fabien Corrente,

Computer Graphic
CG Supervisor : Thomas Moine,
Modeling : David Letondor, Pascal Zimmerman, Thomas Moine, Lucas Van Rossum,
Textures : David Letondor, Florian Autret, Thomas Moine, Lucas Van Rossum,
Animation : Thomas Moine,
Special Effects : Lucas Van Rossum,
Rendering : Thomas Moine, Florian Autret, Lucas Van Rossum,
Compositing : Thomas Moine, Florian Autret, Valerian Renfer,
Setup : Ludovic Habas

Music & sound design : Wavestudios : Raphaël Parisod & Anthony Reber.