professionelle Kunden braucht man über Film nicht seitenlang belehren
und darum hier keine endlosen Ergüsse oder geschwollene Philosophien
Kompetenz hat sich schlicht an Referenzen und Filmen zu beweisen

this is no frills information for real professionals in companies
who seek qualified film solutions, reliable and affordable to customers of all sizes
therefore no blah. no swollen introductions and philosophies
no deviations - just to the point:

our references
our films

Alcoa Austin, Texas
Alcoa Cleveland, Ohio
AGT Antalya, Turkiye
ATR Industrial Electronics, Germany
BASF Ludwigshafen, Deutschland
Blohm+Voss Hamburg, Deutschland
De Beers Kimberley, SAR
Egger International St. Johann, Austria
ESA European Space Agency Cebreros, Espagna
Forte Przemysł Drzewny, Polska
Grupo Cruz Azul Aguascalientes, Mexico
Guararapes Paineis Parana, Brasil
Hellenic Shipyards Athens, Greece
Калевала Петрозаводск Карелия, Россия
K+G Wetter Biedenkopf, Germany
Kockums Marine Karlskrona, Sverige
Nordseewerke Submarine Bergen, Norge
PNE AG pure new energy Cuxhaven, Germany
Presta Camshafts Ilsenburg, Germany
Rothe Erde Johannesburg, SAR
Siempelkamp Technologies Worldwide
中国山东省青岛市黄岛区岷山路5号, China
Sonae Arauco, Mangualde, Portugal
Syngenta Frankfurt, Germany, Switzerland
ThyssenKrupp Technologies Dubai, VAR
ThyssenKrupp Worldwide
TK Metalúrgica Sao Paulo, Brasil
Uhde Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Uhde Biotech Mumbai, India
Uhde Cairo and Port Said, Egypt

corporate film productions office austria
A-1200 vienna - austria stromstrasse 18-20
mobile phone austria +43 676 480 82 10

corporate film contact showroomhochhaus sternhaus
D-40474 duesseldorf - germany kaiserswerther strasse 115
mobile phone germany +49 171 480 82 10

Kontakt / imprint:
Wolfgang-Leander Jahoda / Corporate Film Company Wirtschaftsfilmproduktion / ATU63567802 / Austria 1200 Wien Stromstr 18-20 / Mitglied 0863202 im Fachverband Film der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich Gewerbeberechtigung GISA 26993881 Fachgruppe Fv Film- und Musikwirtschaft Berufszweig Filmproduktion inklusive der Herstellung von Multimediaprodukten / Ausstellende Behörde MBA 20 / GLN 9110004456077 / Partner of

  1. Siempelkamp Automotive - see dancing an huge Car Body Sheets Feeder a Menuetto Alegretto

    No need for boring movies about Automotive Production. See Siempelkamp-Strothmann´s huge State-Of-The-Art Feeder dancing - no doubt - an highly elegant menuetto allegretto, una musica barocca ...

  2. 3D-Animation at its Best by b55 design

    Partner and friend ... in our special high tech movie productions is one of the most sophisticated 3D-Animation Artists in Germany performing: Manfred Becker b55 design. What our clients like most - he is not only an artist but also an engineering brain. This makes understanding and connections perfect. Disprofit is - there is a lot of fine work which we are not allowed to display in official showreels ...

  3. Chateau Louis Advertising Agency

    A Portrait with No Importance of Being Earnest - as understanding it near Oscar Wilde ...

  4. LASER Welding of ductile cast iron component parts

    cost effective way of refurbishing and repair of industrial "big cast components" by mobile robot systems

  5. Industrial Movie - timely job order production Siempelkamp

    A comprehensively equipped machine shop and well trained personnel by Siempelkamp machine factory

  6. Josephs Art Interior

    Among the best Authentic Art Deco Outfitters and Interior Architects in Europe, Josephs offer in their showroom and "store", simply an incredible Mies-van-der-Rohe-Villa, things that are unique, see yourself.



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