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Laser in Concert - Yakanuko

"Goose bumps, mindblowing, next level, heroes, off the hook, amazing"!

Some comments in response to the overwhelming laser-act that Laserforum provided during the book presentation "YAKANUKO" on 17 november 2014. The epic story took place in the Royal Theatre in the Hague. Hhundreds of children were dragged into a show where laser, video, music, storytelling and choreography passed in review to ensure that the children's book "YAKANUKO" came to life and inspired the public to be the hero of their own story! The Minister of tourism Culture from Aruba even sat on the tip of his chair!

The applause was outrageous! "Never before that we have captured the public into a show at this level"!
Laserforum will continue this because we it's as a new perspective on laser & entertainment.
A show like this can be used for many purposes including as a strategic communication tool!

Laser in Concert creates the seemingly impossible by capturing the audience in a high-tech-futuristic atmosphere.
Our illusionist appears from absolute darkness and reveals his true power to a suprised crowd. Watch the laws of pyshique crumble when our performer reveals a beam of light and manages to manipulate the laser with his bare hands. He actives, refracts and transforms the beams into an uplifting and creative act were music, video, storytelling, choreography and laser are passed in review.
In short, a renowned performance that creates an unforgettable experience for all your corporate- and public events.

Be inspired by the magic of laser.
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