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  1. Thoughts on the new millennium - Interview with Thomas Meyer

    Central-Europe would have a great mission. But I don’t know whether there are enough people who still can think in a different way than in a westernized way or in a traditional spiritual way like the Roman catholic church. And if you have not people who are free from both the Central-European mission cannot be performed. It is linked with individualism in the good sense, with a spiritual life which is free from being a fettered bound linked to any traditional body of interests of centuries old and the tendency in Europe today is as illustrated in a map that was published in the English economic journal, you know, you might have seen it, the Economist, 20 years ago, I think what was outlined there is largely our reality. What’s outlined there is, some people said, how will the world and Europe look in the 21st century? And they draw a map, a kind of a fantasy map in which you have no Europe. You have Europe Euro-America, and Euro-Asia. And every spot in Europe today, if we geographically say Europe, is either Euro-America or Euro-Asia. It’s clear we are sitting now with this interveiew in Euro-America. So that’s a big question whether Europeans still have an understanding and want of what would be really Europe’s contribution, namely, a mediating function between West and East. If Europe is crushed spiritually and politically, this function is impossible to perform. And that’s pretty much where we are.

  2. The secret of ethical banking - (not only for bankers)...

  3. The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner (part two)

    Canon 1DX Mark II (No color correction)

  4. 432 Hz! Die Tao-Lyra - Marius Leierbau

    Producer - director: Frigyes Fogel

  5. From desert to paradise...

    Last year we visited many countries in the southern and northern hemispheres looking for cultural creatives.
    We collected lots of film footage that was not possible to include in our last movie.
    On this facebook page we will be sharing with you a miniseries about farmers, ex politicians, scientists and doctors and their successes, failures and experiences.
    An example of our new project can be seen here with this video from Africa with our Egyptian friends who for the last 40 years have been converting the desert into a paradise.

    If somebody would like to help us in realizing our mission (producing independent films) you can contact us at this email address.

    Thank you.
    Frigyes Fogel
    Independent Filmmaker

  6. Healers...

    Producer - director: Frigyes Fogel



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