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  1. A message from the Holy Land - We are filming again...

  2. The (R)evolution - Cultural Creatives

    This film in its previous form had been erased from the internet. 
    Over one million people had watched it.
    We have just finished re-editing the entire documentary.
    Now everyone can download the film in its entirety from Vimeo at no charge.
    Please feel free to save it on your hard drive and share it with your friends.
    Thank you!
    Frigyes Fogel

  3. The Alchemists

    A film by Frigyes Fogel and Christopher Mann
    Following those on their mission who have been called upon to form the earth throughout four continents...
    To all who want to heal and consecrate the earth...

  4. From desert to paradise...

    Last year we visited many countries in the southern and northern hemispheres looking for cultural creatives.
    We collected lots of film footage that was not possible to include in our last movie.
    On this facebook page we will be sharing with you a miniseries about farmers, ex politicians, scientists and doctors and their successes, failures and experiences.
    An example of our new project can be seen here with this video from Africa with our Egyptian friends who for the last 40 years have been converting the desert into a paradise.

    If somebody would like to help us in realizing our mission (producing independent films) you can contact us at this email address.

    Thank you.
    Frigyes Fogel
    Independent Filmmaker

  5. The secret of ethical banking - (not only for bankers)...


    Producer - director: Frigyes Fogel



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