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  1. The (R)evolution - Cultural Creatives

    This film in its previous form had been erased from the internet. 
    Over one million people had watched it.
    We have just finished re-editing the entire documentary.
    Now everyone can download the film in its entirety from Vimeo at no charge.
    Please feel free to save it on your hard drive and share it with your friends.
    Thank you!
    Frigyes Fogel

  2. THE ALCHEMISTS - trailer

    To all who want to heal and consecrate the earth...

  3. Autumn - The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner (4K)

    Canon 1DX Mark II
    (No color correction)

  4. The secret of ethical banking - (not only for bankers)...

  5. Cal Earth Institute - SUPER ADOBE!

    Producer - director: Frigyes Fogel

  6. Finance at the threshold - Christopher Houghton Budd

    Producer - director: Frigyes Fogel



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