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The Eliminate Project

  1. 2014 Kiwanis (Gunter Gasser-May President Message-Madagascar)

    A May 2014 message to Kiwanians from 2013-14 Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser. Recorded to be linked onto the Kiwanis web site. Produced by the Kiwanis International Studio--Mark Douglas Fry.

  2. 2013 Kiwanis (The Eliminate Project-This Is Our Moment)

    Support The Eliminate Project! Produced by the Kiwanis International Studio-Mark Douglas Fry.

  3. 2012 Kiwanis (The Eliminate Project Promo-60)

  4. 2011 Kiwanis (The Eliminate Project Promo-30)

  5. 2012 Kiwanis (Get Involved)

  6. 2013 Kiwanis (The Eliminate Project-Giving Hope To Haiti)