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Euro 2020 Opening Titles - ITV Sport

ITV Sport commissioned Goalhanger films to produce the titles for Euro 2020 in December 2019, an awful lot changed since then including the original concept. We felt that we couldn’t ignore what had gone on. So we wanted something that was a bit more domestic, that focused on imagination and the idea of being together as family groups, something fun and a little bit silly...


Executive Producer for ITV Sport - Paul McNamara
Executive Producer for Goalhanger Films - Tony Pastor

Directed By - Kim Teddy/Tony Pastor
Producer - Jon Gill
Assistant Producer - Joey McCarthy
Edited - Sam McMulkin
Sound Design - Paul Lane
Graded - Trevor Aylward
DOP - Stephen Pook
Steadycam - Gary Kent
Focus Puller - Lloyd Cook
Drone - David Corfield

Design Team
Creative Direction - Kim Teddy
Lead Designer - Jayden Kimpton
Senior Designer - Henrique Bispo
Senior Designer - Nelson de Sousa
Lion 3d Animation - Raul Bacci
Player Sculpts - Martin McGhee
Illustrations - Nicholas Chuan

Artist - Michael Kiwanuka
Track - You Ain’t the Problem