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FIFA World Cup 2018 - Opening titles

This title sequence is inspired by the wonderful designs of the Imperial Eggs by Peter Carl Faberge, which represented the perfect combination of creativity and craftsmanship, with a secret inside.

We have interpreted the beauty of the Imperial Eggs into a richly detailed and jewelled football, each panel has its own identity and elements that represent the richness of Russian culture.

At the heart of each of these panel sits a jewel, which houses archive of each nation who has won the FIFA World Cup™ - Brazil, Uruguay, England, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain and Germany.


Hugo Johnson - Lead Designer/Director/3d Design and Animation
Kim Teddy - Producer/Art Direction
Exectutive Producer for Noah - John Mckenna
Exectutive Producers for FIFA - Matthew Liddell
Exectutive Producer for HBS - Enrique Rabasco/Riki van Steeden

Stuart Paciej - Additional 3d Design and Animation
Alejandro Callejon - Additional 3d Design and Animation
Charlotte Quillet - Additional 3d Design
James Knopp - 3d modelling

Martin McGhee- Zbrush Modelling

Music - Hans Zimmer
Sound Designer - Paul Lane

HDR Grade - Jack Jones