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ITV UEFA Euro 2016 - Titles

Tony Pastor & Kim Teddy were commissioned to produce a set of titles, bumpers and on-screen graphics for UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championships. We used the classic art deco posters of 1920's & 30's as an inspiration for the look. Placing the stars of modern European football in these romantic settings, a fun nostalgic scene setter for this summers football tournament.

Executive Producer for ITV Sport: Paul McNamara
Original Idea and Produced by: Tony Pastor
Director & Art Direction: Kim Teddy
Senior Motion Designer & Animation producer: Kevin Cooney
Assistant Producer: Gabby Saper

DOP: Stephen Pook
Camera Assistant: Ben Smith
Sound Designer: Paul Lane

Original Music: 'La Mer' by Charles Trenet, Produced by John Haywood and Rick Blaskey for The Music & Media Partnership Ltd.

Animation: Raul Bacchi, Fernando Donizetti, Rob Angol
Shader/textures/Illumnation: Raul Bacchi, Eduardo Andrade Junior
Modelling: Raul Bacchi (props), Andre Holzmeister (props), Guzz Soares (characters), Rob Angol

Composition: Raul Bacchi, Kevin Cooney

Rigging: Marco Melantonio

2D Location artist: Mikhail Kalinin
2D Character concept artist: Paul Harrison
2D Character animation: Alex Gallego

Storyboard and Animatic: Stacey Bradshaw
Prop Maker - Jess Esmond