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Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections and Archives, a department of the Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly, was established in 1969 to build primary source research collections that reflect and support the polytechnic curriculum of the university.

What is an artist's book?

Student assistant Rachel Scott spoke to Meryl Perloff, a local book artist, to answer the question: What is an artist's book? Meryl gave us her definition and told us about her amazing work as an artist in the San Luis Obispo, CA community.

Laura Sorvetti, library services specialist, also takes a look at two of Meryl's books to help better answer this question. All of the artists' books seen in the video are housed in Kennedy Library's Special Collections and Archives. Located on the fourth floor, Special Collections has a huge collection of artists' books for anyone to look at!

Books seen in the video:
Crazy Quilt, by Maureen Cummins:
The Half-Year letters, written by Roy Fisher and designed by Ronald King:
Kora, by Clifton Meador:
Early California Missions, by Meryl Perloff:
St. Joseph's Altar, by Meryl Perloff: