Bubble Films

Here at Bubble Films we create video based media for the outdoor industry.

We specialise in instructional kayak and canoe DVDs but also internet 'web clips'. We can put together a product for your website that will highlight all the key aspects of your business. Our background is in the outdoors and as such most of our clients are from this sector, however we are always looking for new and exciting directions to take our video production.

If you would like to talk more about any ideas you have please get in touch via the contact form in the top right hand corner of the page.

Matt Giblin and Nick Cunliffe

  1. Show Reel

  2. Swellies Extreme Race 2011

  3. The Anglesey Wobbler.

    The Anglesey Wobbler is a Greenland Balance stool

    It can help you improve core muscle strength and balance

    You can use it during chill times like watching telly

    It's good fun and a bit addictive

    It can become pretty competitive when used by a group

    Is it the perfect Christmas present for the kayaker in your life?

    Visit angleseystick.com

  4. Sea Kayak Essentials Vol1

    New in 2011, Sea Kayak Essentials is an excellent instructional DVD for sea kayakers of all abilities looking to develop their paddling skills in open water sea conditions.

    Focusing on solid foundations for advanced performance, clearly-structured chapters introduce:

    5 Essentials of Boat Speed, Angle and Trim; Body Position, Stroke Linking
    Fundamentals of Posture, Connectivity, Feel and Power Transfer
    Core skills of Forward paddling, Balancing and Turning
    Use of the Skeg
    Boat Awareness exercises

    Applied skills chapters include:

    Open Water Forward Paddling, in wind and waves
    Moving Water Skills: crossing eddy lines, ferry gliding and using waves
    Tide race paddling: effective paddling in bigger conditions
    Rock hopping: applied skills and strategies in close quarters
    Surfing skills: launching and landing techniques, surf zone skills

    An additional surfing skills chapter also includes detailed analysis of the tide race paddling skills displayed in Cackle TVs 'This is the Sea 3', plus superb footage of sea kayak surfing in the large clean waves of Hell's Mouth, North Wales.

    Visit kayakessentials.co.uk for more information

  5. Using the DVD

    This is the 'Using the DVD' chapter, it offers help and advice on how best to get the information you need from the DVD. The clip gives an overall feel of the DVD and highlights its aims and objectives.

    Visit kayakessentials.co.uk for more information

  6. Outtakes.

    Things don't always go to plan. This is the Outtakes chapter from the DVD.

    Visit kayakessentials.co.uk for more information