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Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream


Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream will make its big screen, world premiere at Detroit's Bel Air Cinema on October 17, 2018. Ticket sale information coming soon - all proceeds will benefit the Nortown Community Development Center. Special guests will include Pat Bosch and Karen Washington, who are featured in our film, as well as John Greasy, the man behind our original soundtrack.

And, yes - there will be an after-party at the historic Two-Way Inn, which is also featured in our film.

This is going to be a great night to celebrate the city of Detroit, and particularly its Northeast neighborhoods. Additionally, there will be a family screening event on October 21 at the Detroit Public Library, Wilder Branch. More details on this special event soon.


Using recorded oral history, found footage, live interviews and videography shot on an iPhone, this short documentary by filmmaker Kathy Drasky tells the story of the rise, fall and reinvention of the American Dream in Detroit from the 1920s through today.

Drasky began making trips to Detroit as a photographer, like so many others, taking pictures of the "ruins" of this once-grand city. But she soon realized that the real story of Detroit was not its crumbled buildings, burned out houses, empty lots - or even its present-day revitalization efforts.

The real story was the people.

As Drasky looked further into her own family's connection to the Motor City, the voices of a handful of locals began to push her in an unexpected direction.

With original music by Detroit's own John Greasy - writer, rapper, composer & producer.


Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream was named Best Documentary at the July Festigious Los Angeles Film Festival. It will compete as a semi-finalist for Best Documentary of 2018 in December.

We are also an Official Selection in the Top Indie Film Awards competition, with screenings scheduled for January 2019.

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Three years in the making, this short documentary began as a search through a decimated Detroit for a long-lost uncle's home and became so much more. Discover some untold truths about America's "Motor City", the birth of the middle class and the rise, fall, and reinvention of the American Dream.



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