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They met as young girls in the 1940s. They stayed friends their whole lives.

"The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship" is the remarkable story of Helen, Ida, Jeanne, Marcia, Matty & Phyllis - collectively dubbed "the Sexy Six".

From humble beginnings in a Connecticut factory town to making their way as career girls, wives & mothers, this short documentary explores the relationship of the six friends from first impressions to lasting ones. A treasure trove of family snapshots & home movies complement present-day interviews.

This is the third short documentary by filmmaker Kathy Drasky. Her previous films, "Jeanne & Mike: Original Art" & "Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream" were screened around the globe and won multiple awards.

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Best Documentary Short/Best Director: Aphrodite Film Awards, 2021
Outstanding Documentary Short: International Independent Film Festival Hollywood, 2021
Best Documentary Short: Virtual View International Film Challenge, 2021
Top 250 Documentaries 2020: Spotlight Film Awards
Best Documentary Short: American Golden Picture International Film Festival, 2020
Finalist: Independent Shorts Award, 2020
Semi-Finalist: London Director Awards, 2020

Bridge Fest, 2021
FLICKFAIR Film Festival, 2021
IndieX Film Festival, 2021
New Haven Documentary Film Festival, 2021
Norwalk Film Festival, 2021

DOCUMENTARY: This Is Whistleville

A brief history of the section of South Norwalk once known as Whistleville (near the South Norwalk train station). It became the first American home for many Italian and Hungarian immigrants who recently arrived at Ellis Island. This "newsreel"-style clip is featured in the short documentary film "The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship, the story of six young girls who met in South Norwalk in the 1940s and stayed friends their whole lives. Directed by Kathy Drasky. Visit: for more information.



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