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The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship


They met as young girls in the 1940s. They stayed friends their whole lives.

"The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship" is the remarkable story of Helen, Ida, Jeanne, Marcia, Matty and Phyllis - collectively dubbed "the Sexy Six".

From humble beginnings in a Connecticut factory town to making their way as career girls, wives and mothers, this short documentary explores the relationship of the six friends from first impressions to lasting ones. A treasure trove of family snapshots and home movies complement present-day interviews.

This is the third short documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kathy Drasky. Her previous films, "Jeanne and Mike: Original Art" and "Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream" focused on her parents and the art in their house and a long-lost great uncle's life in Detroit during the rise and fall of the auto industry. You can watch both those films here.

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Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream

Three years in the making, this short documentary began as a search through a decimated Detroit for a long-lost uncle's home and became so much more. Discover some untold truths about America's "Motor City", the birth of the middle class and the rise, fall, and reinvention of the American Dream.

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