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The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship


They met as young girls in the 1940s. They stayed friends their whole lives.

"The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship" is the remarkable story of Helen, Ida, Jeanne, Marcia, Matty and Phyllis - collectively dubbed "the Sexy Six".

From humble beginnings in a Connecticut factory town to making their way as career girls, wives and mothers, this short documentary explores the relationship of the six friends from first impressions to lasting ones. A treasure trove of family snapshots and home movies complement present-day interviews.

This is the third short documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kathy Drasky. Her previous films, "Jeanne and Mike: Original Art" and "Uncle Frank's House: An American Dream" focused on her parents and the art in their house and a long-lost great uncle's life in Detroit during the rise and fall of the auto industry. You can watch both those films here.

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Jeanne & Mike: Original Art

A film about my parents and the art in their house.

This 14-minute documentary explores a family of self-taught artists, photographers and filmmakers spanning three generations. Jeanne and Mike Drasky have been married for 56 years and have never had to buy a piece of art for their house. That's because both of their fathers, both of them, and their children have created everything on the walls and shelves.

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