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JEANNE & MIKE: Original Art

A film about my parents and the art in their house. This 14-minute documentary explores a family of self-taught artists, photographers and filmmakers spanning three generations. Official selection of the 2015 Underfunded Film Fest. Nominated for Best International Short Documentary by Wendy's Online Shorts. Silver award-winner 2015 Spotlight Film Awards. "One of the top 250 independent documentaries of 2015."

***NEW*** 2018! Jeanne & Mike celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in October. Watch the "Family Slides", a feast of 35-mm Kodachrome gems from 1958-1983 below.

Family Slides, 1958-1983

An American family captured 25 years of memories on 35-mm Kodachrome slide film. Filmmaker Kathy Drasky assembles them into the story of the American Dream - love, marriage, babies, a new home and modest vacations. Says Kathy, "This is our story, but if you grew up in America in the '60s and '70s, it is yours, too."

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