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A man’s fragmented childhood memories plant the seeds of his own destruction on a surrealistic journey exploring the lasting nature of abusive power.

SHOCKWAVES is a darkly comic psychological tale where reality is revealed as a constantly shifting paradox in
the life of a man, who after finding his soul mate and beginning a family, gets trapped in his own traumatic childhood memories, sending him on a maddening spiral of self-destruction. Through a surrealistic Möbius strip of alternate realities, shifting times and multiple dimensions, SHOCKWAVES weaves a kaleidoscopic tapestry from an astonishing 25,000-plus individual shots from both original and archival footage. Pioneering filmmaker and experimental artist Kasumi creates an epic poem of cinematic imagery — a symbolic and hyper-textual
symphony of the senses comprised of archival and rotoscoped film clips, original dance choreography, innovative 2D and 3D animation and evocative sound design. An intense recipe that includes the biting social satire of “Natural Born Killers,” the hallucinogenic state of “Enter the Void,” and a dash of Wile E. Coyote versus the Road Runner, SHOCKWAVES explores the lasting nature of abusive power and the emotional imprints it leaves behind.

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