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G-Shock - The Journey

Within six weeks we conceived, planned, shot and delivered all elements of this campaign for G-Shock as part of their annual Christmas marketing push. It consisted of online video, print and billboards.

We spent six days with big wave surfers Andrew Cotton and Hugo Vau and sailor Matt Knight on a catamaran in Portugal as they hunted for new waves to surf. Focusing on the journey and the experience of such a hunt.

As Casio's production budget and time were limited we deliberately shied away from the more action orientated films in this genre. Unable to compete directly with big spenders like Red Bull we instead took a more considered approach designed to appeal to their target demographic, focusing on the value of the Journey. This messaging runs through each piece of content we produced.

We shot candidly and edited the subsequent footage into the main film and several pieces of related, shorter content that were released in and around the release of the main film, helping generate excitement across Casio's social media channels.

The Journey - Power & Elegance

We spent a week shooting with big wave surfers Andrew Cotton and Hugo Vau as they searched for a new surfable wave in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal. The main film, The Journey, is a testament to the value, fun and pleasure making a trip. This short piece of content was made during their travels. We listen in as the boys reflect on the power of the sea. Go to to find out more

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