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Viking Village Commercial Fishing Dock

On the northern tip of Long Beach Island located in Barnegat Light New Jersey, Viking Village nestles amongst the salt marsh and the bay. It is home to over 40 commercial fishing boats made up of scallopers, gillnetters, longliners and one dragger.
VV supplies fresh fish & scallops throughout the country. And is best known for it's Wild Atlantic scallop.
For the past decade they have been very proactive in the government's cooperative research programs to ensure sustainable & responsible fishing.

Captain John Larson-Tribute

No matter where you roam in this seaside fishing village of Barnegat Light, Capt. John Larson's footprints and legacy have left a lasting impact. A sea captainin the finest sense who braved an untamed ocean and the wild inlet. Once known in the '70s as the 'tilefish' tycoon along with Capt. Lou Puskas, the two successfully made Viking Village, the commercial seafood production dock, a destination for the fishermen and tourist. Special thanks to Jim De Francesco of Hogpenny Studios for additional fishing footage.

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