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Rebel Redemption

Biker gang members who have survived this violent subculture lifestyle speak about their past and how Jesus met them at the foot of the Cross.
Coming Soon is the riveting & compelling DOCUDRAMA Story of the people who have survived. Currently in preproduction and fundraising, this powerful film portrays the depth of radical rebellion within the soul.

A David Kaltenbach Film

'Rebel Redemption' Composition

This work in progress is all about the subculture world of gang bikers, their violent and decadent past and now celebrating their new life in Christ. Kaltenbach Productions is currently in preproduction, writing the script, location checks, interviews, casting, shooting, etc. The compelling story interweaves the lives and times of these rebel sons and daughters. Then meeting at the foot of the Cross.
We all go through a part of our lives like the parable Jesus spoke of in the 'Prodigal Son' coming home. The biblical character came home after eating with swine. But bikers survived hard conditions from near death experiences, jail time, gang wars, murder hits, drug overdoses, running on the lam and more. Based on true stories the narrative will
prove to be riveting and life changing.

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