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Rebel Redemption

Biker gang members who have survived this violent subculture lifestyle speak about their past and how Jesus met them at the foot of the Cross.
Coming Soon is the riveting & compelling DOCUDRAMA Story of the people who have survived. Currently in preproduction and fundraising, this powerful film portrays the depth of radical rebellion within the soul.

A David Kaltenbach Film

Rebel Redemption Sizzler #1

Rebel Redemption, the docudrama, a work in progress. This compelling film speaks about former biker gang members that have survived from the subculture world of drugs, violence and decadence. The film is in preproduction and Team Kaltenbach is soliciting funds and volunteers to see the untold Story revealed. On this little clip, frightening testimony was shot inorder to hear it firsthand from those that survived this rough environment.

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