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L.B.I. Live

Over 25 years ago David Kaltenbach fell in love with motion imaging storytelling, simply using the video camera to document actual footage. He dove into the realm of cable access TV and produced a wacky & whimsical broadcast show called "L.B.I. Live." The program ran from the summer of 1994 to the summer of 1998. It was one of the first shows of it's kind. David was the cameraman ( 95% of all the shows he never had a cameramen ), the actor / host, a variety of characters, the best boy ( sound, grip, lighting, …etc.), the set designer, the in-house writer / creator, the music arrangement engineer and last of not less the editor. Which as editor was a huge, huge feat! This was before the digital age and computer program editing software. The assemblage of the elements of the show was done by press play, send thru the mixer and then record onto the master to be broadcast. And if you didn't get it right, do it all over again. Some shows took 25 to 40 hours ( in the weeee hours because he had a full time job at D.K. Design Studio, Surf City, N.J. USA ) aweek to edit.
This summer of 2014 is the 20th Anniversary of L.B.I. Live! To commemorate those days past and those crazy shows Kaltenbach Productions will be posting short excerpts throughout this coming summer. Their new home will be facebook's "LBI Films." This page is currently being structured with a bunch of creativity, so be patient. But for now it'll be appearing on David's page and eventually make it to Youtube also. Enjoy the summer.

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