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Mustache Bill's Fried Flounder Sandwich

Mustache Bill's Fried Flounder Sandwich

First of all we at Viking Village are thrilled with this month's featured chef, Bill Smith of Mustache Bills located in our own community of Barnegat Light, New Jersey.
Bill had the honor to win The 2009 James Beard Foundation Award, "The American Classic." Have you ever heard of that golden idol called the "The Oscar" or "The Super Bowl?" Mr. Smith's win is comparable. The JFB Award covers all aspects of the industry—from chefs and restaurateurs to cookbook authors and food journalists to restaurant designers and architects and more—the Beard Awards are the highest honor for food and beverage professionals working in North America. The awards are presented each spring at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. Nominees and winners are fêted at a weekend of events in New York City that has become the social and gastronomic highlight of the year.

'Little Beach Boy' goes to the Big Apple: Bill sat mesmerized at the Lincoln Center sipping on a glass of champagne taking in the activity of this event when suddenly someone touched him on the shoulder. "Sir, you must come with me behind the stage to prepare for your speech." In shock Bill replies, "Speech, what speech? There are over 2000 people here!" The gentleman smiled and lead him to the waiting area where he met Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse. After being comforted with words of wisdom from Emeril, Bill marched out on stage and hit it home. For a guy hiding out in the kitchen and never coming out of those double doors that separate he from the public, I think he deserves another award.
David Kaltenbach

Mustache Bill has also appeared on The Food Network Guy Fieri's "Diner, Drive-In and Dives." You can visit this LINK:'s-diner/18529.html

-1/2 pound of flounder filet
-Milk wash: eggs & milk
-bread crumbs

Side dish:
-french fries
-tartar sauce

-round roll with lettuce and tomato

-Take the filet of flounder and place them in flour. The flour sticks to the fish.
-Place the floured fish into the milk wash where you create a "sticky" paste.
-Take out of the milk wash and proceed to cover the fish with bread crumbs.
-Put the filet in a deep fryer of a non cholesterol oil; or in a frying pan filled with oil.
-When the fish float to the top in the deep fryer, it is time to remove.
-cooking in the frying pan: give it a few minutes before flipping it onto the other side
-Place filet on your choice of roll with tartar sauce, top it with lettuce and tomato and you have
a fresh fried flounder sandwich.
-Add to the presentation coleslaw & french fries

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